Tabrett Bethell Screen Captures

You want more Tabrett Bethell Pictures and Photos from her role as Cara on Legend of the Seeker? You got it! Each wallpaper tries to capture her emotions on the camera and shows the range of her acting skills. Some are not good quality. So any Tabrett Bethell fans out there? Send us your Tabrett Bethell fan pictures.

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5 Responses to “Tabrett Bethell Screen Captures”

  1. O_o replies,

    Awesome! I would already place her in the 100 most beautiful woman in the century (we have like 90 years to fill up the other 99 places anyway)

  2. John replies,

    I agree………easily!

  3. mike l. replies,

    so exquisite so awsome so WOW!
    angelina is a tavern wench compared to this women

  4. Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethell Pics | Tabrett Bethell replies,

    […] Tabrett Bethell Screen Captures […]

  5. vikki nisser replies,

    gr8 actress.i wish her well. she has come a long way since inside sport.

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