Tabrett Bethell Legend of The Seeker Picture

Here Tabrett Bethell is looking oh so angry and engaging in battle with the Seeker. She is sure good at expressing her emotions on her face. Bravo!tabrett-bethell-anger

She’s smiling this one. Very Sexy.


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6 Responses to “Tabrett Bethell Legend of The Seeker Picture”

  1. Niek replies,

    Way to go Tabrett! You are just like I imagined when I read the books!

  2. rico replies,

    I saw her barefoot recently, she had to be a ballet dancer at one point in her career. I think that’s just wonderful! She’s SUPER!

  3. Todd replies,

    She is Hot!!! Especially with her Australian accent. Love to see her on the beach in a bikini. In “Seeker”, only question is….. how does she get INTO that black leather outfit. In that Commercial, she has a really nice smile and laugh.

  4. Johize replies,

    She is really hot!!! When she look dramatic way she very sexy specially her eyes is very beautiful she looks more beautiful in the flim. Could any one Plz give her contact no.

  5. afework g/selassie replies,

    You are really good good very spacial body and very very beautiful girl so you are dramatic and amazing.
    i do now!!
    i hope one day came in Ethiopia.

    from Ethiopia
    Jimma Town

  6. sarvina replies,

    richard you are amazing actor

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