Save Tabrett Bethell and LOTS

Attention Fans of Legend of the Seeker: The show is NOT officially cancelled. If you save Legend of the Seeker, you save Tabrett Bethell and her role as Cara. Although I am still holding out hope for another season of Legend of the Seeker, so we can see more of Tabrett Bethell in her leather suit, sources are saying the show has been cancelled. Entertainment Weekly has reported that there have been no takers in picking up the show and this might explain why tribune broadcasting dropped the Legend of the Seeker.

Pay no mind to these rumors until there is something official. We have our signatures and petitions. Grow this fanbase. Calling all fans around the world, express yourself to the companies.

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Here is some motivational pictures of Tabrett Bethell as Cara to keep you going.

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3 Responses to “Save Tabrett Bethell and LOTS”

  1. Sammy replies,

    Absolutely fantastic series and a very lovely woman playing Cara. Tabrett Bethell is by far a true beauty queen. Thank God for making such a wonderous gem to look upon and with such talent and personality to go with it.

  2. Neophyte replies,


  3. anthony temothy gasal sagario replies,

    Legend of the Seeker, Producers and Directors staff begging you guys.. Pls make Her stay in all episodes and seasons upcoming…
    I really love her Mord’Sith Character and shes so pretty
    I wanna see her again in a episode that sometime she wants to deny of being a Princess but still she did it, and also when shes saying funny poems, but really enjoys me and my sisters watching her..
    Honestly shes very much pretty with unique beauty…she’s super-cute when shes denying the sugestions of Zed the wizard of the first order, I want to an episode like that, shes super cute and super pretty..-anthonyt.g.s.

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