Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethell Pics

Legend of the Seeker is seriously trying to ooze that sexy out of Caitlin. Bridget Regan has always been the good beautiful character while Cara, Tabrett Bethell is the sexy, dark humored, blonde. I say keep it this way.

The separation of the characters makes for better viewing.

Some humor from Tabrett Bethell
“I asked the soldiers if we could borrow their horses”… (Camera pans to unconscious and dead soldiers). “They didn’t object.”

This is a huge gallery of screen captures of Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethell. 44 pictures in all.

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12 Responses to “Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethell Pics”

  1. darkops replies,

    There are waayyyyy too few interviews with Tabrett Bethell. There’s the one video of her where she declares “Cara rocks!” (I agree) and the scifi magazine interview. That’s it, right? What’s up with that? Interviews need to start piling up. Now! Preferably video interviews where she smiles and laughs a lot.

  2. admin replies,

    Yeah that SyFy magazine interview is the latest and probably only one. It was released on the April 2010 issue of SciFi. It’s pretty disappointing for someone as talented as her to get so little airtime.
    SyFy Magazine April 2010 of Tabrett Bethell SciFi

  3. darkops replies,

    At least we get 2 straight weeks of Cara-centric storyline! Only a few more hours until Hunger airs! I think I’m going to start emailing/writing some publications and sites devoted to scifi/fantasy and ask them why they haven’t interviewed one of the most watchable women on TV.

    More. Exposure. Now.

  4. darkops replies,
  5. EI replies,

    That’s one beautiful woman, but I was a bit surprised to see that comment about her name meaning “celebration” in Hebrew. especially since I speak Hebrew as first language and just couldn’t find the connection. enlighten me?

  6. admin replies,

    You’re much more enlightened on the subject than I would be. I’m going by a recent interview that she did. Her words.

    The Interview.

    I still like the sound of the name though. Reminds me of Tabitha.

  7. David Michael replies,

    Bethell is named after a street in Sydney, Tabrett Street, something that resulted when her parents disagreed on what to name her while still at the hospital (her mother wanted “Siobhan,” and her father wanted “Murray”). Her father went for a drive, saw the name of the street, and returned to the hospital to suggest it to her mother, who said, “Yes, that’s it!”

    Hartinger, Brent (24 February 2010). “Tabrett Bethell is Not Cara (or IS She?)”.

  8. admin replies,

    Thanks for all the information!

  9. David Michael replies,

    It wasnt her words ot was an editors note “[Editor’s Note: I looked up Tabrett Street. It’s near Sydney’s Barton Park and the Lance Studdert Reserve.]
    For years, I was told by people that it was Welsh. But no. It’s actually also a Hebrew word that means “Celebration,” which I think is quite beautiful.”

    Courtesy of Chadwick Models, here are some of Tabrett Bethell’s professional modelling career work. They also have a listing of her modelling statistics.

    Size – 8-10
    Height – 5′8 / 173cm
    Hair – Brown
    Eyes – Green
    Shoe – 8
    Bust – 34 / 86
    Waist – 25 / 64
    Hips – 34 / 86
    Thanks for the information Chadwick Models.

  10. Sexy Close Ups Of Bridget Regan | Tabrett Bethell replies,

    […] Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethell Pics […]

  11. chelsea replies,

    They’re both beautiful. Kahlan’s the graceful one, but Cara has this sex appeal. They’re complete opposites and I love that. Who would want to see two women that are one and the same? Some people prefer Kahlan, others are on team Cara. I, personally love them both, but I like Cara a bit more. I can’t get enough of those funny moments. And her looks give her character such power. I also like that she changes as the series develope. And secretely, I love her killer-instinct. :p

  12. Karina replies,

    Cara and Kahlan are two beautiful women very diferents but both with very personality and very strong. I agree with Chelsea Cara has more sex appeal. Her looks give her a domination on the team.
    I love Tabrett.

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