Who is Tabrett Bethell?


Tabrett Bethell is an Australian model who recently starred in a popular show, Legend of the Seeker. She played the character, Mistress Cara, a Mord’Sith, in Season 1, Ep. 22: Reckoning. This was the season finale of the Legend of the Seeker show.

Tabrett Bethell played a TV role in Episode 1.02 of Life Support, an Australian television program that tells you sydney-harbour-bridge-tribute-hatexactly how to live your life! It was short lived from 2001-2003.

She graduated from SCREENWISE, Australia’s Leading Film and TV School for Actors.

In February 21, 2007, Tabrett Bethell modeled for a Neill Grigg’s bridge tribute in Sydney, Australia. She wore a race day fascinator modeled after the Harbour Bridge.

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21 Responses to “Who is Tabrett Bethell?”

  1. Cara Legend of the Seeker | Tabrett Bethell replies,

    […] Cara from the show, Legend of the Seeker. Her name is Tabrett Bethell and you can read more about Tabrett Bethell’s biography […]

  2. Dodie replies,

    Do you know when she’s born ?

  3. Carl Houston replies,

    she is amazingly wonderful on the eyes,..worthy of worship..giggles

  4. Clarence M replies,

    what can i say….she’s so gorgeous, i melt whenever i see her on legend….

  5. Russell replies,

    No wondering…she is from Australia? I realized how sexy she is!

  6. Panagiotis replies,

    She is stunning. Goodness !!! Anyone knows anything about her character? What is she like as a person? 🙂

  7. Jidinho replies,

    OMG, you’ve got to hand it over to her- she is downright sexy. I mean i wouldn’t mind being tortured by a mord-sith with an agiel as far as she is the one holing it……..infact, i wouldn’t mind two agiels. God, she is stunning.

  8. Mike Jon replies,


    I don’t think tabrett is really posting on this site LOL.

    Anyway, Cara does get the attention though it seems Kahlan’s (briget) intensity in the series has gone down. I used to like her more in the first season, but that could be that she was only female lead in the first season and could also express herself more to Richard, the underdog unknowing Rahl.

    Anyway, with all the fighting that Lord Richard Rahl does, he needs 2 ladies swooning over him. I thought that Denna was also an ally who loved Richard but it seems in the series that she is an evil person bent on her own agenda. Hopefully, Sister Nicci will be a good addition to the triangle.

  9. Finnerky replies,

    She is way too good for this show – an outstanding actor tailor made for the big screen!

  10. David replies,

    Tabrett Bethell is the hottest woman on the planet, I did not even know she was a model. Just watched season 2 of The Legend of The Seeker. I will bow for her and be her slave any day of the week( literally), for the actress, not her character. Australia hu? USA loves you. 22033

  11. khofto replies,


  12. Care u look so pretty. replies,

    Hi care u look so pretty.

  13. Nestor replies,

    Cara ( Bethell ) is a very nice girl. I often pause my DVD player/ movie when i see her face. Very beautiful girl.

  14. olumide replies,

    i love tabrett bethell wish i aslo known as cara.i pray to god that if i can have the chance to marry her.

  15. Rosebud replies,

    SSSSSSS……..Smoking!!!!! Cara(sabrett) has beautiful full lips and eyes and I would LOVE to see more of her work !!

  16. Luvlynk replies,

    Cara(Tabrett Bethell) is so much cute and sexy that each time I see her around Richard I keep wondering if he’s impotent…No complete man will ever resist such beauty…Well…For movie sake.

  17. roshan replies,

    i love so much cara

  18. mene christian replies,

    hi,am from Nigeria and love the way u model and act

  19. mene christian replies,


  20. Rod replies,

    I’m still hoping for season 3… Hope to see you again acting in Legend of the seeker…

  21. Leah replies,

    Bethel u r my number one actor in all your movies. I love u so
    Thumbs up girl,

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