Tabrett Bethell Wallpaper Pictures

Here are some good wallpapers and images from the Legend of the Seeker show where Tabrett Bethell starred as Mistress Cara.

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5 Responses to “Tabrett Bethell Wallpaper Pictures”

  1. Carl Houston replies,

    absolutely the most appealling woman in the entire universe.

  2. mike l. replies,

    totally agreed!

  3. Michael replies,

    She is the greatest woman in the universe

  4. Joe replies,

    I’m in love with her and her part in the movie…..i jst lyk her actions…..she is bold

  5. Abhishek kumar replies,

    Watched u in legend of seeker n became a true fan of urs ……..i would really be lucky if i could jst see u one tym in this lyf…..

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