Tabrett Bethell Tattoos

Tabrett Bethell has some interesting tattoos on her left and right hand. Not sure what they symbolize or signify. The one on her right hand is of some kanji. Not sure if it’s a chinese or japanese character. The left hand tattoo is 4 stars and a ying yang symbol. Can anyone clue in on this?

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8 Responses to “Tabrett Bethell Tattoos”

  1. Anon replies,

    Those tattoos were part of her character in the film and most likely not Tabrett’s personal tattoos.

  2. tbd replies,

    those are her real tattoos. she has them in her new movie, “Anyone You Want” too.

  3. Necros replies,

    Really? I didn’t think she could be any more awesome but she did it again. 🙂 Cool, I like those tattoos.

  4. mina replies,

    The one on her right hand is chinese character.
    That means long, forever. It is called ‘young’

  5. Crisu replies,

    I wanna have a tattoo like the one with yin& yang:D
    it’s awesome:D

  6. Aerows replies,

    I’m not into tattoos, but those fit her so well, I like them. I’ll have to look for more info on “Anyone you Want”.

  7. Mikey Massmann replies,

    WOW so cute.

  8. tong0079 replies,


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