Tabrett Bethell Season Two Wallpaper

The story gets interesting as Tabrett Bethell rejoins the cast of Legend of the Seeker as Cara. We are still unaware of her intentions but it appears to add some conflict between the lead male and lead female roles. Perhaps a love triangle is in the future? How can her character gain compassion while maintaining her bloodthirsty, unremorseful ways of the Mord Sith. Whatever it is, we know that Tabrett will have more seductive and sexy roles in her future. Enjoy some screen and wallpaper captures from the second season.

Tabrett Bethell Season 2 Wallpaper

Bonus Pictures : Bridget Regan who plays Kahlan

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4 Responses to “Tabrett Bethell Season Two Wallpaper”

  1. MattyFos replies,

    She is gorgeous, I just wish they wouldn’t have chopped off ‘Cara’s’ braid in the second season. How hard is it to stay true to the books?

  2. Necros replies,

    I think she looks a lot better without the braids. And it wasn’t just a change for change’s sake, think about it. Her sisters betrayed and humiliated her, this is a reminder for her, she is different now, she doesn’t belong to that old life.

  3. keith replies,

    I happened to stumble onto this series….after watching sparticus another movie i had missed being it was on hbo or something…but i looked up the cast and filmography..of them and found legend of the seeker…and then watched the entire two seasons….this needs to be…shown on early evening or afternoon…on abc…or what ever….i think there would be a bigger following then was achieved…..and then a reason to continue more seasons…because it was well done…and even the cast i think wishes for more….and i think cara…was stealing the show…..fine by me……hope to see her in more pictures of this type and role……loved the scenes of her trying to pose as a royal…..and deciding to use here past in her rymes…..

  4. admin replies,

    This show has too much potential to be cancelled. Sadly, bad air times and a variety of other causes might end this show.

    There is a strong fanbase of legend of the seeker followers but the real message has to be sent to these network guys.

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