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34 Responses to “Tabrett Bethell Pictures”

  1. Carl Houston replies,

    The MOST Beautiful Woman, That I have EVER seen. Breathtaking

  2. Greg replies,

    I think your awesome, Legend of Seeker Rules:)

  3. We Need More Tabrett Bethell | Tabrett Bethell replies,

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  4. wes replies,

    You are the best, you are amazing!
    Definitely my dream girl 🙂

  5. adam falter replies,

    I think your beautiful,that seen when your washing your hair with the sisters,awesome,love your work,Adam

  6. Lili replies,

    I like the scene when she becomes in charge of the mord-dith and then when she is in the pool

  7. mike l. replies,

    angelina move over and let a real women thrill us

  8. Jelo replies,

    Too b beautiful, can’t handle, brain melts. 😉

  9. Cara Pictures With Emotion | Tabrett Bethell replies,

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  10. jay r replies,

    astonishing beauty girl u act good. yea love the bathing scene u look even more beautiful there

  11. waldo replies,

    The most scary, awesomely structured female imaginable. This woman needs more parts, perhaps a Seeker spin off.

    Takes the proverbial breath away and that’s some mean feat when juxtaposed to Ms Bridgett Reagan. Hard act to follow.

    Where do they find these women. Can be up here in the Great North Woods, their all Sasquatch wanna be’s

  12. michael replies,

    good actress beautiful woman what else can i say about this gorgeous creation. legend of the seeker rules

  13. michael replies,

    i love this lady

  14. Aaron replies,

    sexiest and gorgeous role in legend of the seeker as Cara

    i like her personality

  15. Kevin replies,

    Never in my life have I had such a school boy crush as on Tab. Something about her is just so hot. Can’t explain it, can’t put my finger on it, but she’s got my head spinning fo sho. Maybe its just the beauty+ talant… whatever it is, I think I *love* her.

  16. dannalboon replies,

    I could die a happy man nestled between Tabrett Bethell and Bridget Regan. Bridget is gorgeous and innocent looking but Tabrett is gorgeous and sexy!

  17. D replies,

    You make me Proud to be an Aussie

  18. lanshile replies,

    you are the love of my life bet

  19. Jordan replies,

    She is the most beautiful woman I have evr seen. Her acting is incredible, she is astounding 🙂

  20. ingrid replies,

    i love you tabrette bethell @-) you’re soo hot and beautiful =p~ haha. also sooo good in acting. you rock!

  21. GoodEye replies,

    Tabrett.. Maybe the **HOTTEST EVER**…
    (I have never bothered to post anything about
    celebrity hotties ever, but I had to step up
    to the plate for Tabrett)

    What a goldmine those fools at the networks
    are sitting on. I would just create a show where
    Ms. Bethel lounges around in leather and does
    nothing else. Put it on right after sports. It
    would get huge ratings.

  22. henry whyte replies,

    what a lady, i love your seriousness, you do the acting like you will never act in your life again…GOOD…and one thing I will not forget here is the beauty…you are so beautiful, gorgeous and sexy.. I don’t know what else to say but I want you to know that you are good Tabrett.

  23. Melissa replies,

    I must say I have been completely blown away by Cara! My family has loved the storyline of Legend of the Seeker, however now on the weekends we say “when is Cara coming on!” YOU are a great actress, and you really pull us all in!!!! Love it!

  24. MANAR replies,

    I love you tabrett you are really my dreams angel, coz i love you so much i dreamed about you once. I don’t know what else to say, but keep in your mind you are the best actress i ever have seen , you are good, smart and beautiful.

    I wish you a fantastic life to live with your amazing achievements, and iam waiting with all my senses to see you in the third season.

    best wishes.
    love you

  25. afework g/selassie replies,

    cara i love you so mach so you are greatest female and first to me alleyways special to me

  26. auwal replies,

    i love u

  27. shahram replies,

    i love you tabrett you r drop dead gorgous girl. i think you r the best actress in the world

  28. Blaze wuriee replies,

    u are so sexy, realy sexy, most sexy

  29. Blaze wuriee replies,

    Much luv 4 u Cara

  30. Blaze wuriee replies,

    you was against the seeker then u be with the seeker. will u be against him again? or betray him?
    If u betray him I will definately be on ur side weather u are wright or wrong I am on ur side.
    For me u are always wright because u know what u are doing.

  31. Blaze wuriee replies,

    CCCCAAARRRAAA u are beautyful

  32. Blaze wuriee replies,

    I can’t keep it in mind anymore i gotta confess that i love Tabrett Bethell (cara)

  33. Adrian Yaroch replies,

    ~’* I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information “~-

  34. carol replies,

    Tabert you are the best,I love your eyes.Keep Legend of the Seeker on.

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