Tabrett Bethell Interview

A lot of credit goes to the writers of Legend of the Seeker for putting Tabrett in a role that is completely opposite of her original character, Cara. We get to see her imitate a “good” role while having to portray her “evil” role. Layers of complexity in acting. Not to mention we got to see her in a new lovely outfit.

Here’s a good quote from Tabrett Bethell about her character in relation to the rest of the cast. She really does add another dimension to the goody two shoes quest goers.

“You have these three characters, Zedd, Kahlan, and Richard who all pretty much think the same way, and go on big quests. Then someone comes along and questions everything they do. She’s got a reason to question everything! And she, in turn, makes them question themselves.”

She is also a very private person. Here is what she said regarding her age.

“Uh, you wanna know my age? Well, my birthday is in May, which means I’m a Taurus.”

I for one do not care what her age is, she’s strikingly beautiful and talented.

P.S. She was named after a street, Tabrett Street. And apparently, Tabrett means “Celebration” in Hebrew.

Credit to darkops and thetorchonline for posting the Tabrett Bethell interview.

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  1. bezzerb0y replies,

    Brillant series. Hot women, brillant story what more do we need? Bridget and Tabrett really make the story, love and hate working for the same goal

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