Tabrett Bethell Comes Out Of Water

This is a favorite scene of mine in Season 2 of Legend of the Seeker where Tabrett Bethell comes out of the water. I created an animated gif of her coming out of the water and returning back into the water. It does not showcase any of her acting skills but it’s still pretty damn hot. Enjoy for yourself and use it as your forum avatar if you want. Click on the image for the gif. If the bandwidth gets used up, leave a comment to let me know.


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10 Responses to “Tabrett Bethell Comes Out Of Water”

  1. John replies,

    Beautiful and from what I’ve seen on Season 2 a fine actress. She adds a great amount to the show and story.

  2. Matt replies,

    You are so pretty 🙂 Legend of the Seeker is Awesome!

  3. ArthurPoet replies,

    Exquisitely beautiful and her acting is quite excellent as well. As a long time fan of the books, I think she does a superb job of bring the Mord’Sith to life.

  4. mike l. replies,

    wow , thats all i can say!

  5. Jammy replies,

    Anyone’s taste. I wish she came out fully. She has potentials.

  6. Jammy replies,

    Anyone’s desire. I wish she came out fully. She is good

  7. ying replies,

    she is the picture of my desire the rare fluid that could quench my hard to catch hot lady preference …yummy!!!

  8. nawali replies,

    my actress whatever you do i beautiful to me.

  9. tin replies,

    Letting you know the bandwidth was used up or deleted on the gif’s link.

  10. admin replies,

    Should be working now. Let me know if it goes away again.

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