Tabrett Bethell Cheerleader

Tabrett Bethell (Sharks) used to be a cheerleader for the NRL (National Rugby League) Cronulla Sharks. Here is she posing with fellow cheerleader in a nice blue and white outfit. Bethell is the one on the left. Go Sharks!



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13 Responses to “Tabrett Bethell Cheerleader”

  1. mike l. replies,

    oh to be a rugby player on THAT team

  2. Brett replies,

    Wow, she is hot as a three dollar bill…. WOW.

  3. Dennis replies,

    I totally love Tab. Beautiful and can actually act.

  4. vikki nisser replies,


  5. Jordan replies,


    Now she’s TWICE as sexy.


  6. Jordan replies,

    To only get my hands on that Beauty.
    Tabrett Bethell is Gods gift to man. lol

    Damn…. She’s killin me!

  7. beta replies,

    I wanna sleep with her

  8. Melissa replies,

    Hell I am straight mother of five and I want to sleep with her, LOL!!! she is awesome!

  9. Marco replies,

    I like her very much…

    If I could just meet her once in my lifetime… Then I would explode of happyness 🙂

  10. C.Rinkima replies,

    she’s amazing!

  11. craig replies,

    She is an excellent actree

  12. yeboah replies,

    tarbret u did veri wel in the legnd of de seeker episode.i reali luv ur no nonsense aproach.

  13. KC replies,

    i’d do anything to get this amazing woman

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