Sister Nicci Actress – Emily Foxler

The ladies of Legend of the Seeker seem to get better and better. First the role of Sister Nicci (Sister Nikki) was played by Jolene Blalock and now Emily Foxler has taken over the role of Sister Nicci. I must admit I prefer the blonde look of Nicci over the brunette.

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5 Responses to “Sister Nicci Actress – Emily Foxler”

  1. Jason replies,

    Her last scene in the episode “Bound” made me think she’d be great for a role on Supernatural or True Blood. She’s on Twitter now (@emilyfoxler).

  2. kirk replies,

    sister nicci was always supposed to be blonde. i think they made the right choice to recast her. i just want her to put her black dress on and become deaths mistress .

  3. chelsea replies,

    Well, I didn’t read the books, so I wouldn’t know if she was supposed to be blonde. But honestly, I think Jolene did a better job. She had that deadly look that Nicci is supposed to have. I also don’t think Emily is that great an actress. But that’s just my opinion.

  4. admin replies,

    You’re right about Emily, she needs a bit more time on the show to get better. I think in terms of acting prowess, it has to be Tabrett first, then Bridget, Bruce, Craig Parker, then Craig Horner. But I’m biased about this. 🙂

  5. Emily Foxler and Bridget Regan replies,

    […] the beautiful women from Legend of the Seeker. This gallery is showcasing Emily Foxler that plays Sister Nicci and Bridget Regan who plays Kathlan. As the season winds down, it’s time to review some of […]

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