Sexy Looks From Tabrett Bethell

Here are some Tabrett Bethell pictures showing her acting skills in a subtle way. Every lip and eye movement invokes a different emotion. From her getting the death grip to her wry smile, Tabrett Bethell playing Cara definitely brings a lot more to the Legend of the Seeker. By the way, does anyone know what’s going on with Bridget Reagan’s new outfit? I liked the white flowing dress moreso than the corset looking leather outfit she has on now. Maybe Reagan’s character is turning towards the naughty side. Could be something to look forward to.

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7 Responses to “Sexy Looks From Tabrett Bethell”

  1. Dennis replies,

    Love her. L.O.V.E. H.E.R.! (heart)
    Tab rocks.

  2. chelsea replies,

    Yes, I’m not very fond of Kahlan’s new outfit either. I always found the white dress to be an element of what she stands for. Mother confessor is pure and honest. A white, flowing dress says that, not that tight, reddish thing she wears now.

  3. admin replies,

    exactly! I hope the white dress comes back.

  4. Necros replies,

    I like her “new” outfit a lot more. But the white dress is still there and Kahlan puts it on whenever she needs to be the Mother Confessor, don’t worry. 😉

  5. Cara Eyes Wander replies,

    […] Sexy Looks From Tabrett Bethell […]

  6. Jordan replies,

    What I would give to meet that Beauty.

    Not only is she incredibly hot but she is kind hearted, blunt at moments, mysterious and outgoing.
    Who could ask for more in a woman.
    It’s nice knowing that there is someone like that out there.

  7. carol replies,

    I love the way she looks,she is so sexy.

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