Sexy Close Ups Of Bridget Regan

Bridget Regan is a natural beauty in these series of screen captures and pictures from Legend of the Seeker. These online pictures only tell half the story in this episode but they sure are television ratings boosters.

This is one of the few shows where two female characters compliment each other instead of opposing each other. I can’t imagine the Legend of the Seeker missing Tabrett Bethell or Bridget Regan. When Bridget Regan cries on camera, I really feel the emotion being protrayed. Those blue eyes of hers really shine through the camera. And let’s not forget that beautiful smile. Enjoy these closeups of Bridget Regan. My favorite of the bunch is the big smile one. The pictures of her with the wind in her hair is also good. Which one is your favorite?

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8 Responses to “Sexy Close Ups Of Bridget Regan”

  1. SARAH SENGOOBA replies,


  2. Gary replies,

    WOW, She is such a fantastically beautiful woman, I don’t know where to start, they are all beautiful! I LOVE that woman! She is also a very talented actress!

  3. Ezehlivinus replies,

    I love Bridget beyound imagining she is beautiftul

  4. Action Poses of Tabrett Bethell replies,

    […] Sexy Close Ups Of Bridget Regan […]

  5. Emily Foxler and Bridget Regan replies,

    […] from Legend of the Seeker. This gallery is showcasing Emily Foxler that plays Sister Nicci and Bridget Regan who plays Kathlan. As the season winds down, it’s time to review some of the stars who make […]

  6. Destroyer replies,

    Her places are on the scene and on the throne for real because she is a beautiful Queen !!! I love her from the moment I saw her !!! I LOVE YOU Bridget !!!


  7. Ross replies,

    Bridget is a classic beauty in every respect…her smile could light up the world. I LOVE her!!!

  8. Buy Legend of the Seeker Season 2 DVD replies,

    […] For all the fans of The Legend of the Seeker, the season two DVD is released and it’s packed with extra scenes of your favorite characters. The second season DVD is packed with more Tabrett Bethell playing Cara. If you were lured into the series with season one, then you must get season two to see more of the character development. SciFi, Science Fiction and Fantasy fans will love this as a Christmas gift. Make sure to check out Season 1 for the back story. There’s less of Tabrett Bethell (Cara) but it’s still worth the watch with characters like┬áDenna (Jessica Marais) and Bridget Regan. […]

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