Emotions of Tabrett Bethell

Season 2, Episode 3 is the one to see. Tabrett Bethell cries, gets angry, gets mad, and a lot more emotions come out. If you really wanted to experience the spectrum of acting from this newest female actress, watch this episode from Legend of the Seeker.

Here are some screen captures that showcase some of Cara’s (Tabrett Bethell) emotions.

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5 Responses to “Emotions of Tabrett Bethell”

  1. JP replies,

    I just discovered that new series LEGEND of the seeker who is normally not the kind of series i usually look at. But it seemed nice and now ive seen all of them 🙂 And what can i say their have been many beautiful ladies but this face is special those emotions the way she’s acting is fabulous.
    Their’s something behind her eyes that cant be described, i wish you luck in your future roles.


  2. Panagiotis replies,

    I ll be honest with this. I have never paid so much attention in Tabret until the Series 2 was aired. I believe she can act brilliantly and is not only down to her beauty which she is not less than a Goodness. My favourite scene is in episode 2 when she gives the horse to Flin to barre his brother and she’s trying to show ‘sympathy’ by repeating Kahlan’s words :” i ‘ m so sorry for your loss” hahahaha she said in such a way that she made me and my mates laugh.

    Yep she can act. I believe that she has all the potential to become a great actress and i wish to her all the best for the new year 2010. I ll create a group for her in facebook and i ll get back here to publish the web address.

    Panagiotis 🙂

  3. admin replies,

    haha, yes. She does provide that subtle humor. The best part is we know she has a dark side, so when she sees huge bloodshed, she smiles throughout the scenes. This is evident when they go to the scene (episode 6 of season 2) where the Seeker turned aggressive and murdered a whole camp of soldiers. Watch for her face when they see all the blood, she’s smiling, which is a perfect response from her character.

    Also funny is how she reacts to the pacifist and their rejection of the rabbit she caught.

  4. Panagiotis replies,

    You are spot on Admin. She is responding perfectly indeed.”when she sees huge bloodshed, she smiles throughout the scenes.” You are so right. 😉 i watched again the episode 6 and… she does, she’s delighted when she sees huge blood scene indeed. ‘The rabbit’ hahahahaha shes far from being vegetarian. lol

    I just really like everything about her, i adore her. I dont know anything about her character though 🙁 The trailer also of Clinic is cool am not sure if its aired in UK though….. hmmm…. i ll try to find out 🙂


  5. Necros replies,

    Someone on LiveJournal described it perfectly, when they find a survivor and she says “You can’t imagine the things I saw”. When the camera shows Cara’s and Kahlan’s faces, it’s like Cara says “Really wants to” and K says “Doesn’t want to”. 😀
    Or just look at Cara’s face when she is fighting, she is really enjoying it, unlike the others. 🙂

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