Denna Legend of the Seeker

As much as we love Tabrett Bethell, there are other characters from Legend of the Seeker that cannot be dismissed for their acting skills and striking looks. Denna plays Jessica Marais in Legend of the Seeker and she has some of the most amazing eyes I have ever seen. She looks like a porcelain doll in her television role. The way she portrays a mord sith is only second to Tabrett Bethell.

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2 Responses to “Denna Legend of the Seeker”

  1. Tim Larkin replies,

    The actress for Denna is amazing. There’s a ton of talent in this show. They should not have killed her off. (I know…the show is cancelled, but still…)

  2. Buy Legend of the Seeker Season 2 DVD replies,

    […] less of Tabrett Bethell (Cara) but it’s still worth the watch with characters like┬áDenna (Jessica Marais) and Bridget […]

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