Cara and Denna Pictures

In this collection of pictures, we have Cara and Denna giving life. I love these closeup shots because I imagine the actors play tricks on each other during them. Will this be the last of Denna?

Also included are a bunch of Tabrett Bethell pictures in her hot leather suit.

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8 Responses to “Cara and Denna Pictures”

  1. shahram replies,

    i love u very very very very very very very very very much my beautiful drop dead actress tabert bethell.

  2. carol replies,

    I think that Tabert is the best,she is so beautiful and talented.I just love her.

  3. carol replies,

    I miss Tabertt very much,she made my day.I wish Legend of the Seeker was still on.

  4. carol replies,

    I am a big fan of Tabretts.She made Legend of the Seeker what it was.I only wish that show was still on.

  5. carol replies,

    Tabrett you are so sexy,I miss you so much.

  6. carol replies,

    I miss you very much Tabrett,it doesn’t seem the same on a Saturday without you and Legend of the Seeker.However I did rent some movies from Netflix to watch it.Season two to be exact.I know that I will enjoy it because you are in them.Love you,a big fan of yours.

  7. carol replies,

    I miss Regend of the Seeker,it is lonely around here without it.Tabrett you made my day.

  8. carol replies,

    I miss Legend of the seeker,Tabrett Bethell you made my day,I misspelled Legend whoops!!!

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