Tabrett Bethell

Pictures, Movies, TV of Australian Actress and Model, Tabrett Bethell. Fan Website of Tabrett Bethell. Check out Tabrett Bethell pictures, wallpaper, screen captures in her role as Cara in Legend of the Seeker.

For all the fans of The Legend of the Seeker, the season two DVD is released and it’s packed with extra scenes of your favorite characters. The second season DVD is packed with more Tabrett Bethell playing Cara. If you were lured into the series with season one, then you must get season two to […]

Tabrett Bethell remains focused as she angles the bow and arrow towards her next opponent. This is one of my favorite action shots.

She probably had a long night with this Afterparty of the movie, “The Clinic” but Tabrett Bethell is still looking pretty sexy and seductive. Credit goes to Mia Robles for these amazing pictures.

Tabrett Bethell has an amazing portfolio filled with pictures in hot poses. These are just a few of her best work. What do you think?

If you ever imagined what Tabrett Bethell would look like in a wedding dress. These pictures answer that question.

Here are some old pictures of Tabrett Bethell when she first modeled swimsuits.

Just a random bunch of pictures of Tabrett Bethell and a few of Bridget Regan from Legend of the Seeker. Love the way she tilts her head mockingly at the rest of the crew. Ms. Cara does not approve and she shall give you the look. Check out some of Cara’s intense eyes.

Tabrett and Bridget sitting in a cave. F – I – G – H – T – I – N – G. Fight! Fight! Fight! What more could a fan want? Hot, dark and sweaty ladies in a cave fighting for their lives so one person can live with enough oxygen.

Raboplus Bank Commercial starring Tabrett Bethell as the model in all the scenes. Oh wow, she has an amazing scene where she beats up a bunch of ninjas and robbers too. She also barks at a dog. I admit I did not pay any attention to the message in this commercial but only panned to […]

I created this animated GIF and with the way it moves, it looks like the two characters are in 3 dimensions. Who needs 3D glasses when you can see Tabrett and Bridget in a GIF. It can also look like they are standing still in the mist of an earthquake. Don’t stare too long.

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